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Please help me understand set theory.


Please help me understand set theory.

Step 1

The set theory is a mathematical theory which includes well-determined collections of elements/members in it called sets.

A set can be defined as an unordered collection of objects which are known as elements. 

The notation for an element 'x' that belong to a set A is 'xe A' and
xE A indicates that x is not an element of set A

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The notation for an element 'x' that belong to a set A is 'xe A' and xE A indicates that x is not an element of set A

Step 2

Representation of a set: The common methods by which the sets can be represented are,

  1. Statement form: In this form, a well-defined statement of the elements of the set is provided.

Example: The set of all the odd number less than 20.

  1. Roaster form: In this form, the elements are listed in the brackets {} which are separated by commas....

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