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Please provide the answers to the amounts not given.For the following items, provide the missing number.Retained Earnings, 1/1/16$ 575,603Net Income?Subtotal$ 498,667Dividends10,000Retained Earnings, 1/1/16$ 488,667Make sure your answer does not include a "$" (dollar sign) or "," (comma). It should be in the format of a basic number; such as "55000".


Please provide the answers to the amounts not given.

For the following items, provide the missing number.

Retained Earnings, 1/1/16
$ 575,603
Net Income
$ 498,667
Retained Earnings, 1/1/16
$ 488,667

Make sure your answer does not include a "$" (dollar sign) or "," (comma). It should be in the format of a basic number; such as "55000".

Step 1

For computing the net icnome/ Loss for the period, reverse statement needs to be prepared. Ending balance of Retained earnings is added ...


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