Show that the parametric equations x =a sin u cos v, y =b sin u sin v z=c cos u 0<u <pi  0 v 2pi represent an ellipsoid.

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A: First, we factor out 16 from the radical term, So, it becomes,  

Q: Under which conditions an inverse matrix be defined for a matrix?

A: There are two conditions for matrix to be invertible.

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A: Hey, since there are two questions posted, we will answer the first question. If you want any specif...

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A: Given Data The function is y=1-eˣ/ eˣ+1.   Differentiate the function y=1-eˣ/ eˣ+1 with respect to x...

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Q: Graph the equation x2 + 4y2 = 4

A: Given equation is                  x2 +4y2=4  

Q: 10. (x2+y)+(x+ey)dydx=0

A: We have given the equation;

Q: Find a polar equation of the line with slope -1 that passes through the origin.

A: Given, a line with slope -1 and passes through origin

Q: iPSolve the problem. 11. f(x) = Vx² + 2 – x (1) Find the vertical and horizontal asymptotes. (2) Fin...

A: NOTE:- As per our guidelines, we'll answer the first three sub parts of the question  since the exac...

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A: The marginal cost function is obtained by taking the derivative of the total cost function with resp...

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Q: Convert (a) 55° to radians and (b) 0.5 radians to degrees.

A: To convert  (a) 55° to radians and (b) 0.5 radians to degrees. 

Q: The first screen shows the augmented matrix, A, for a nonsquare linear system of three equations in ...

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Q: Find the indefinite integral by using the appropriate formula   ∫ e−3x sin 4x dx

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Q: Over what range is the following function continuous? 10 8 4 2. 8. 10

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Q: Find the indefinite integral. (Use C for the constant of integration.) int(x cos 7pi x^2)dx

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Q: Sketch the graph of an example of a function that satisfies all of the given conditions: a and b are...

A: For;

Q: Sketch a graph of the function f(x) = 4 cos|

A: Steps to draw the graph 1.) Plot cosx

Q: A trough has width w=5 ft, length L=15 and height h=6. If the trough is full of water (Use the densi...

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Q: Evaluate the integral.

A: The given integral is:  

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A: Continuous function should not have any abrupt (sudden) changes.

Q: Write the equation x2 - 4xy + y2 - 3 = 0; θ = 45° in terms of a rotated x′y′-system using θ, the ang...

A: Given

Q: Зx? (х+2)2 Find y' if y = ln (х-1)5


Q: Calculus Question

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Q: A ball rolls off the edge of a table. Let the time the ball leaves the table surface be : = 0. If th...


Q: 1 f(x) x – 2 Use the limit definition of the derivative to find (1) f' ( – 1) = (ii) f ' (0) = (iii)...

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Q: Graph the equation (x + 1)2 + (y - 1)2 = 4

A: Consider the given equation: Here the objective is to sketch the graph of the given equation.

Q: Find the areas of the regions Shared by the circle r = 2 and the cardioid r = 2(1 - cos θ)

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Q: The integrals we have seen so far suggest that there are preferred orders of integration for cylindr...

A: Evaluate,

Q: perform long division on the integrand, write theproper fraction as a sum of partial fractions, and ...

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