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Show the output of the following code: Explain brieflyint a = 6;int b = a++;System.out.println(a);System.out.println(b);a = 6;b = ++a;System.out.println(a);System.out.println(b);


Show the output of the following code: Explain briefly

int a = 6;

int b = a++;



a = 6;

b = ++a;



Step 1

The Output of the given code is shown below along with the code. To run the given code, it is important to create a class first and then write the code.

Step 2

In the above code, two variables are declared a and b as integers. The value of a is initialized as 6 and for b, the value is given as a++. So, b= a++ is using the concept of post increment which will first store the value of a in b as 6 and then increment the value of a by 1 and the value of a will become 7. So, the new values of a and b will become 7 and 6 respectively.

Step 3

Now again, value of a is given as 6 and b is given as ++a. So, b=++a is using the concept of pre-increment which will first increment the value ...

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