Simplify each of the following.


2 cos2 105 degree - 1

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Trigonometric Ratios

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Q: (7, -8) and w=(-4,8), Given v= find v+w. v+w=

A: We know that, A vector in form of V→=a,b is represented as V→=ai^+bj^

Q: Trigonometry Question

A: Given right angle triangle

Q: If sin (A) = 3/13 with A in QII, find sec (2A). sec (2A) =

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Q: Each of the following problems refers to triangle ABC. In each case, find the area of thetriangle. R...

A: Given: ∠A=43°20' , b=0.923 km, c=0.387 km To determine: Area of triangle ABC.

Q: the graph f(x) contains the point (-5,5) use notation (a,b) to give the point. a) what point must be...

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Q: Make a table using multiples of p/4 for x to sketch the graph of y = sin -x from x =0to x = -p. Afte...

A: Consider the given function: y=sin-x Here, the objective is to sketch the graph of given function.

Q: Vector W is in standard position and makes an angle of 270 degree  with the positive x-axis.Its magn...

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Q: A line is a collection of _______ along a _______ path that extends endlessly in bothdirections.

A: A line is a collection of _______ along a _______ path that extends endlessly in both directions.

Q: Use the unit circle and the fact that cosine is an even function to find each of the following:     ...

A: Given: cos5π6

Q: use the given information to evaluate the expression

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Q: Prove

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Q: Did I do question 11 right?

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Q: Determine the graph of the following function. y = 5 sin? ()

A: Given,           y = 5sin2x2

Q: Use half-angle formulas to find exact values for the following. sin (75°) = %3D

A: We have to find exact value of  sin75° Here, 75°=45°+30° We know that sinx+y=sinxcosy+cosxsinysin45°...

Q: Draw the vector V that goes from the origin to the given point. Then write V in componentform (a, b)...

A: The given vector is -2,5.

Q: Find the product. Leave the result in trigonometric form. (Let 0° s 0 < 360°.) (cos 45° + i sin 45°)...

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Q: Two vectors are equivalent if they have the same _______ and _________.

A: Two vectors are equal if they have same magnitude and same direction. If we have a vector u=3i+4j th...

Q: Draw 30 0 in standard position. Then find a if the point (a, 1) is on the terminal side of 30 0.

A: Given an angle is 300 and a point (a,1) is on the terminal side of 300.  

Q: PRACTICE ANOTHER   If t is the distance from  (1, 0)  to  (−0.9426, 0.3339)  along the circumfere...

A: Given: If t is the distance from (1, 0) to (-0.9426, 0.3339) along the Circumference of the unit cir...

Q: Solve the logarithmic equation for x. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Round your answ...

A: To solve the logarithmic equation for x ln3+x=2

Q: Simplify cot theta / cosec theta     cos theta

A: Given- `cotθcosecθ To simplify- The above trigonometric ratios. Formula used- The above expression c...

Q: prove the identity

A: To prove  sec2A2=2secAsecA+1 The identity used here is secx=1cosxcos2x=2cos2x-1  

Q: How do you find sin 58.75  0 on your calculator?

A: Here, the objective is to find the value of sin58.75° using calculator.  

Q: Angle of Depression A person standing 5.2 feet from a mirror notices that the angleof depression fro...

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