Sketch and find additional polar three points for (2,4pi/3). When r>0 and r<0. And theta is between -2pi to 2pi. 

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A: s(t) = 48 + 64t - 16t2Hence, s’(t) = 64 – 32ts”(t) = - 32When s is maximum, s’(t) = 0; hence 64 – 32...

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A: Given:

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Q: see attachment

A: The polar coordinates are,

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A: A(blue) is the graph of the functionB(red) is the graph of the function's first derivativeC(green) i...

Q: step by step please  f(x)=a(b)x  the x at the end of that formula is an exponent of b , i believe

A: Substitute given two points to solve for a and b. 

Q: step by step on how to find the inverse of this function

A: Rewrite as follows.

Q: Find the derivative F(x)=x^3(x4/3 -1)

A: Please see the white board.Recall the famous rule of differentiation: d(xn) / dx = nxn-1

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A: Given,

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A: The derivative of a cost function is called marginal cost.

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A: Consider the given equation

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A: Arc length of an infinitesimal element along the curve ds is given by