sketch the region enclosed by the curves y=x^2 , and x=y-3 , and then find its area

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Q: 5) The position vector of a particle is given by s(t) = 3t² – 3t + 4.Find %3D the time at which the ...

A: From the given problem:   st=3t2-3t+4   As we know that the expression of the instantaneous velocity...

Q: I need this Answer at half time Quickly. Please Please write it in your own handwriting.

A: Given, f(x)=x4-2x2

Q: 11

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Q: We recall Newton’s law of cooling. If E is the ambient temperature and T = T(t) is the temperature o...

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Q: Consider the following integral 3dx V(16 + 4x2)5 A suitable trigonometric substitution to reduce it ...

A: using substitution x=2tanφ

Q: Q: Determine the nature of the following function for even and odd. (ii)f(x)= log(x+ Vx +1)

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Q: Assign values of x using the three special functions, and to get the values of y using scientific ca...

A: 1. f(t)=sintt   t f(t) 1 0.84147 0.5 0.95885 0.1 0.99833 0.01 0.99998 0.001 0.99999 0...

Q: d4y Q4\ b) Find : Y=3X³-4X²+7X+10 dx4

A: Given: Y=3x3-4x2+7x+10

Q: Solve each logarithmic equation.Express irrational solutions in exact form and as a decimal rounded ...

A: The properties of logarithms can be used to simplify this problem. It is observed that the logarithm...

Q: Evaluate the limit using the Basic Limit Laws

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Q: 2х-1 Q:If y =f and f'(x) = sin x find *+1, dx

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Q: Show that the graph of the equation r = 2a sin θ, a > 0, is acircle of radius a with center at (0...

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Q: 2x+ 1 -1<r<1 1) Let , then lim f(x) 1<x<4 a- 0 b- Not exist at x=1 C- -3 d- Non a

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Q: I need help finding the period of the function and defining the function represented in the graph pl...

A: Period is distance between two minimum points of graph or 2 maximum points of graph

Q: Sketch the graph of y = f(x + 2) - 1, where f(x) = x 2 for -2 ≤ X ≤ 2.

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Q: solve the following system of equations by using the method of substitution 3x-5y=-1

A: The solution for the above question is as shown below.

Q: EXAMPLE 11 Drawing the Graph of a Logarithmic Function Draw the graph of the function y = x In(4 – x...

A: Graph of the function is representation of the function of y-axes with respect to numbers in x-axes....

Q: Let lim f(x)=16. Use the limit rules to find the following limit. lim f(x) lim Vf(x) = ] X→8 (Simpli...

A: In the question it is asked to calculate the value of following limit.

Q: UOM A hectare is 2.5 acres and there are 640 acres in a square mile.  How many acres are in ¼  squar...

A: We can find the answer to both the question as below using the unit conversion method

Q: 1 of 2


Q: Find the derivative of the following function. y (In ]x + 4|)7 dy

A: Differentiate w.r.t to x

Q: d4y Find Y=3X³-4X?+7X+10 dx4

A: Given y=3x3-4x2+7x+10 To find d4ydx4 Formulae used : dxn=nxn-1 dc=0, where c is a constant.   Differ...

Q: The half-life of radium is 1690 years. If 10 grams is present now, how much will be present in 50 ye...

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Q: Trigonometric 5. f(x) sin(x2 + 5x+ 6) when x = 13 (0 in the given function is in degree measure)

A: Given :           f(x) = sinx2 + 5x + 6   To find f(x) when x = 13.

Q: 7x +3x? -8 Find lim -о Зx + 4х —6

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Q: Q4) growth of a spherical tumor modeled as a function of the population of germs (g in Million) in t...

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Q: Solve for the unknown. e2t+l = 9e l -t

A: Given: e2t+I=9eI-t For finding solution of given equation, we simplify it 

Q: find the center of mass of a thin plate of constant density d covering the given region. The region ...

A: Given: y=2x2-4x and y=2x-x2 Graph:  

Q: Q6/ Find the determination 2 1 5 A 3 1 - 2

A: Since you have asked multiple questions in single request so we will be answering only first questio...

Q: Evaluate the limit of the following algebraic functions. x4+3x3-x2+ x+4 2. Lim X- 1 х-3

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Q: Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by y = 3x – x² and y x2 about...

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Q: 11) Find an anti-derivative for each function in C equals zero 

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Q: Determine the one-sided limits numerically or graphically. If infinite, state whether the one-sided ...

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Q: Find the slope of the tangent line to the graph of the given function at the given value of x. 3/2 *...

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Q: ??

A: Given integral, ∫x+22dx5-4x-x2

Q: The ratio of incomes of two persons is 9:7 and the ratio of their expenditures is 4:3 If each of the...

A: According to question given that ratio of incomes of two persons is 9:7And ratio of their expenditur...

Q: 9. Use the alternating series test to determine whether 2(-1)"ne-" converges or diverges. n=1

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Q: find the line’s x - and y - interceptsand use this information to graph the line.3x + 4y = 12

A: Given equation is 3x+4y=12. To find the x-intercept and y-intercept. Solution: The x-intercept is th...

Q: Explain the method of proving the derivative (dy/dx) of sinh(x) and cosh(x) ?

A: Given That: The hyperbolic functions sinh(x)  and cosh(x)

Q: If the zeros of the polynomial f (x) =x3-3x2+x+1 are a-b,a,a+b .find a and b

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Q: Suppose that x and y represent the amounts of two basic inputs for a production process and 10x1&gt;...

A:   Suppose that x and y represent the amounts of two basic inputs for a production process   The give...