Solve by completing the square.


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A: Add or subtract the given equations to get an equation in one variable. Then solve the equation of o...

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Q: 10. Sketch a graph of the function g(x) = (x – 1)² + 5 by first graphing and carefully labeling the ...

A: We will start by plotting x2 first and then proceed with some transformation to get the function g(x...

Q: Help with 15

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Q: simplify. #1.  9^2-1 ___________ 4+6^2-10     #2.  10(19-4^2) _______________ 7+3^2-1

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Q: Let r(u, v)= [2usin(v), 2ucos(v), 2] be a parametrization of a surface S, where 0 <us 3, 0 svs2n. Th...

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A: Given equation is : 1a+5b=3c To solve for a.

Q: Use a change-of-base formula to rewrite the logarithm. (Write your answer using base e logarithms.) ...

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Q: Graph the following quadratic function and determine its domain and range .   f(x) = ( x + 2)^3

A: The domain of a function f(x) is the set of all values for which the function is defined, and the ra...

Q: Help

A: First of all, we have to remove the repeating number after decimal. This can be done by converting t...

Q: graph a t pinchion set--6 13 3. Value B For the given graph the 4) Positive Negahive. © Zero I5 ? lh...

A: Solve the following

Q: Please help answer fully

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Q: Solve the following radical equation. Ente

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Q: 6. Adding the equations in a system of equations can sometimes be helpful in solving a system of equ...

A: A system of linear equations consists of two or more linear equations made up of two or more variabl...

Q: show that f is one-to-one on the given interval and thereforehas an inverse function on that interva...

A: the given function is  f(x)=(x-4)2,  [4,∞)  

Q: Find the present value of $1588.5 in 274 days at 6% simple interest. (Round to the nearest whole dol...

A: Present value is $ 1660 .  Correct option is “e” none of these

Q: Solve:–2x+y=6 y = 3x + 4

A: the first equation is  -2x+y=6 substitute the value of y -2x+(3x+4)=6 -2x+3x+4=6    

Q: F. ndAis given by Let F=[x, y, z] and S be a sphere of radius R. Using the divergence theorem, the v...

A: we have to find the following

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A: Mass in kg is taken in the x axis and cost is taken in the y axis. We need to answer the given quest...

Q: 2 Suppose A = is positive semi definite matrix then: 10 O a. a < -V20 O b. a = ±v20 O c. lal < 20 O ...

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Q: 1

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Q: Your turn A fashion designer checks the price of a certain fabric. Manufacturer A charges $7.50 per ...

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Q: Find the zeroes of the function. P(x)= x² + 98 %3D

A: Since you have asked multiple question, we will solve the first question for you. If you want any sp...

Q: Which are eigenvalues of the matrix? a) 2b) 3c) 5d) 0

A: The given matrix is A=325023014  

Q: 29525 2 If Ak = B, where A = and B = 2 then: O a. k = 8 O b. k = 6 O c. k = 10 %3D O d. k = 5

A: We have to find the value k.

Q: Use the Laws of Logarithms to expand the expression. x2 + 4 log V (x? + 6)(x³ – 7)2

A: Here I am attaching image so that you understand each and every step.

Q: 8

A: For graph of f Therefore, graph of f is exponential function. which can be represent as above.  

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Q: Find the point of intersection of the lines: y = 6x -4 and y = -3x 1 ㅇ(용-3) ㅇ(1.-2) ㅇ (-1.0) °(-.-6)

A:                We know the equation for straight line is ax+by+c=0                                He...

Q: Solve by completing the square.  x^2-8x+2=0

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Q: A culture starts with 8600 bacteria. After 1 hour the count is 10,000. (a) Find a function that mod...

A: Initial number of bacteria = 8600

Q: Find the solution for the system of equations. tep 1: Multiply each quation by a suitable umber so t...

A: Given equation is : 10c+15d=25   ....1-10c-d=-7    .....2 Multiply equation (1) by -10 and equation ...

Q: Let F [e', e', e*] and C be the boundary of the surface S. z=x, 0<x<1,0<y<1. If we use the theorem o...

A: See attached file for a step by step explanation.

Q: Rectangle DEFG has vertices at D(6,1), E(6,5) and F(-1,5) a) What is the coordinate pair 4th vertex,...

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Q: Let r(u, v)= [2usin(v), 2ucos(v), 2] be a parametrization of a surface S, where 0sus3,0svs2n. Then w...

A: Find the curve and normal to the curve

Q: -) At 6% sales tax, the total price of a color TV whose marked price is $370 is

A: follow next step

Q: 3. Which of the following statements is true about an angle drawn in standard position? O Positive a...

A: Explain the each options and than choose the correct.