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Solve the equation both algebraically and graphically. (Round graphical solution(s) to two decimal places. Enter your answers as comma-separated lists. If there is no real solution, enter NO REAL SOLUTION.)

(x − 4)4 − 80 = 0

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Step 1

Solution algebraically:
The algebraic solution of given equation can be evaluated as:


Image Transcriptionclose

(x-4)-80 0 (x-4)=80

Step 2

Taking the power on the right, it gives us fourth root of 80 on R.H.S. which can be +ve or -ve. So, it gives two real solution and the other two solutions of the equation are imaginary solutions.


Image Transcriptionclose

x-4 +80 x-4 25 x 4+2.5

Step 3

Graphically the solution can be evaluated by 1st plotting the graph of  y = (x-4)4 – 80 and then t...

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