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Suppose a population of 1000 people is in H-W equilibrium, if 84% of this population can taste PTC, how many are heterozygotes, considering that ability to taste PTC is inherited as a dominant allele?
A. 480
B. 400
C. 580


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Step 1

To determine the number of heterozygotes for a population of 1000 (which shows H-W or Hardy-Weinberg’s equilibrium). It has been considered that the given population have the capability to taste PTC which is due to the presence of a dominant allele. So, find the number of heterozygotes could be

  • 480
  • 400
  • 580
Step 2

PTC or Phenylthiocarbamide is also called as PTU (Phenylthiourea), which is an organo-sulfur thiourea that consists of a phenyl ring.

It is having an uncommon property that is nearly tasteless or very bitter in taste and it depends on the taster’s genetic makeup. The capacity to taste this compound PTC is usually behave as a dominant genetic inheritance, even though the inheritance and the expression of this particular trait are rather more composite.

As, per the question, ability to taste this compound is an inherited dominant allele.

Step 3

Hardy-Weinberg’s equilibrium is shown by the population.

And Hardy-Weinberg equation is:


The total number ...


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