The area of a triangle is 36 square feet. The height of the triangle is 1 foot shorter than its base. Find the base and height of the triangle.

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A: Click to see the answer

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A: The first row was changed so it has to go to R1. So, we can eliminate option A,B,C

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A: Definition:

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A: Cross multiply by 5. 

Q: 16/8x/4/8x

A: For the fraction in the denominator, we'll flip it and multiply with the fraction of the numerator. 

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A: Given: -

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A: The given details of the investment account are,

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A: Consider the given information 

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A: According to the given function:Principal (P) = $8704.56Rate of interest (r) = 5%Time period (t) = 7...

Q: In what way is the point marked A unusal?

A: To understand why the point A is described as unusual

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A: Given system of equation is

Q: 5. (a) Use modular arithmetic to show that if an integer a is not divisible by 3, then a2 = 1 (mod 3...

A: To prove the given statements (using arithmetic modulo 3)

Q: The accompanying data were compiled by the admissions office of a certain college during the past 5 ...

A: (a)

Q: (4-x2)/(3x2-x-10)•(6x)/(8x+16)

A: Click to see the answer

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A: We are given that the length of a rectangle is 4 inches more than its width.Let us denote L for the ...