what is the greatest prime you must consider to test whether 3524 is prime?

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Q: Let u = In a and v In b. Write the expression in terms of u and v without using the logarithm functi...

A: We use the multiplication principle of logarithm  

Q: Using algebra, find the solution to the system of inequalities belowy ≤ 5 − 3xy + 19 ≥ x2 − 8x

A: We make table for auxiliary equations y=5-3x x 0 1 y 5 2 y + 19 = x2 − 8x x 2 3 4 5 6 y...

Q: Use the given information to find a formula for the exponential function N = N(t). N(2) = 4 and N(4)...

A: Let, N(t)=a(bt)  Given N(2)=4  Using that we get: Given N(4) = 1 Using that we get:  

Q: See attached

A: Differentiating both sides with respect to t, we get Now, we find critical numbers of N(t)

Q: Model the data using an exponential function (x) = Ab* 175 350 87.5 Select, the correct answer.

A: First term= a1 = 350  Common ratio = r = 175/350 = 0.5  

Q: Perform the indicated operations and simplify if possible. square root 18x^3  -3 square root 32x^3

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Q: Jennifer hit a golf ball from the ground and it followed the projectile h(t)=−16t2+100t−20h(t)=-16t2...

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Q: how to solve step by step:  If 3/4 - 3 = 4/x, then x = ?

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Q: Please see attached

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Q: Solve a+2b=12 for b

A: Subtract "a" from both sides   a+2b-a=12-a Or, 2b=12-a  

Q: Solve  A) 3x2+5x-2=0    B) (x-6)(x+3)=0

A: To solve the following parts,

Q: A clothing manufacturer makes trousers, skirts and blouses. Each trouser requires 20 minutes of cutt...

A: Let the clothing manufacturer has to make x trousers, y skirts and, z blouses.  So total cutting tim...

Q: The total revenue curve of a firm is R(q) = 40q − 12q^2 and itsaverage cost A(q) =1/30q^2 - 12.85q +...

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Q: Algebra Question

A: To find f(6) , we have to find the y value at x=6   

Q: For the following fractional expressions     Find (F +G) ? in simplest form.  2. Find (F ÷ G)  in ...

A: Given ,  Firstly, we simplify F and G by factorizing quadratic factors.

Q: A large explosion causes wood and metal debris to rise vertically into the air with an initial veloc...

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Q: Use inductive reasoning to predict the next term in the sequence: 3, 4, 7, 11, 18, 29

A: Given sequence is 3, 4, 7, 11, 18, 29 We can observe that each term after the 2nd term in the sequen...

Q: While planning a hiking trip, you examine a map of the trail you are going on a hike. The scale on t...

A: Let the trail is x miles long.  Given that 2 inches represent 3 miles.  And we have 12 inches repres...

Q: Algebra Question

A: f(-2) is the value of the function when x=-2.

Q: whatis the greastest prime you must conside to test whether 4590 is prime

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Q: Suppose that the satifaction received from a number of rides taken on a roller coasteris given by th...

A: To find the rate at which the satisfaction changes with respect to the number of rides taken we have...

Q: Square root of 75x/4y^2

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Q: Graph the feasible region for the system of inequalities  y>4x-1 y<-2x+3

A: The graph of an equation y>4x-1 is:

Q: Let f(x) = x2 - 4 and g(x) = 3x+2. Find the value  ( G o f) (-6)

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Q: Solve 4 cos(4x) = 2 for the smallest three positive solutions. Give your answers accurate to at leas...

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Q: NASA launches a rocket at t=0t=0 seconds. Its height, in meters above sea-level, as a function of ti...

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Q: --D-0--) (3 -1 2 A = 2 1, X = x2 and Y = y2 1 -3 0/ X3 For what values of (y1, Y2, Y3) does the syst...

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Q: 13. Graph the following system of inequalities (shade the appropriate region in the plane). List all...

A: To graph the below system of inequalities.

Q: A rectangular parcel of land is 70 ft longer than it is wide. Each diagonal between opposite corners...

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Q: Calculate the derivative of the function. 8x +5 s(x)= 2x - 6

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Q: Aburial cloth of egyptian mummy is estimated to contained 59% carbon -14 it contained originally. Ho...

A: Initial carbon= 100%=1 Final carbon= 59%= 0.59 Decay factor =1/2  Half life= 5730 time=t=?    

Q: Show that x2 - 4 is a factor of x4 - 5x3 + 2x2 + 20x - 24

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Q: Solve the system by graphing

A: Given,  

Q: Worldwide annual sales of smartphones in 2012-2014 were projected to be approximately  q = − 8 p + 1...

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Q: Write an equation for the given ellipse that satisfies the following condition Center at (1,4); mino...

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Q: Suppose that f is a linear function such that f(2) = 5. If the slope of f is 2.7, then what is f(7)?...

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Q: Which of the following five functions will be largest for large values of x? Select the correct answ...

A: Find the function which is largest for a large value of x?  

Q: I need help with this question.

A: The box that has been made is in the shape of a cuboid. Volume of cuboid is given as  V=l*b*h

Q: In May Hartford had 37 violent shootings, compared to 18 during the same time period the year before...

A: Old record= 18  New record= 37 The number of violent shootings increased by (37-18)=19   

Q: Show that x2 − 4 is a factor of x4 − 5x3 + 2x2 + 20x − 24.

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