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The Internet may not make corporations obsolete, but the corporations will have to change their business models. Do you agree? Why or why not?

Should all companies use Facebook and Twitter for customer service and advertising? Why or why not? What kinds of companies are best suited to use these platforms?


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The Internet has completely changed the method corporations operate their business. There are many views of experts regarding conducting of the business. Some experts believe that new technology is best in doing business, whereas some beliefs in old and traditional methods.

Step 2

Following are the reasons which describe why the companies will have to change their business models.

  • Customers seem to be leaning towards the latest innovations and mobile technology.
  • With the help of the latest and innovative technologies, everything going to be online and individuals using mobile technology thoroughly. Companies need to design their business models based on the latest technology.
  • Business advertising and other business opportunities over the internet is the best method to reach to the customers' end because a large audience using the internet nowadays.
  • Innovation and technology help corporation to design reliable and customers friendly business and revenue models.
Step 3

Following are the reasons which describe why the companies will not have to change their business models.  

  • By using the latest technologies, many social networking sites have made fail attempt to generate revenue ove...

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