Asked Aug 24, 2019

The question says "factor the expression":


It says further down (this is an example from the text chapter), that the expression will factor as ((blank space)-3)((blank space)+1), and I think they're getting there with a trial/error method (-3+1=-2, -3*1=-3)? But I'm not sure where to take the problem from there, or why it only has 2 factors...


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To factor the ex...


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(5а +1)* — 2(5а +1) -3- (5а +1)(5а +1- 2)-3 3 (ба +1)(5а - 1) -3 3 (5а)* - 1 - 3 - 25а? -1-3 3 25а' - 4 3 (5а)* - 2? 3 (5а + 2)(5а - 2)


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