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Think about a density curve that consists of
two straight-line segments. The first goes from
the point (0, 1) to the point (0.7, 1) then the
second goes from the point (0.7, 1) to the point
(1.3, 0).
a. Sketch this density curve:
b. What is the probability that X falls below
c. What is the probability that X lies
between 0.7 and 1.3?
d. What is the probability that X lies above
e. What is the probability that X is equal to


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Step 1

Hello there! there are more than 3 subparts in this question. I cannot answer more than 3 subparts per question according to our policies. So please find the attached solutions to part a,b,c.

Given density curve consists of two straight lines. First line from (0,1) to (0.7,1) and then second line from (0.7,1) to the point (1.3,0).

First we draw a straight line from (0,1) to (0.7,1) and then we plot ( 1.3,0) on x axis and join (0.7,1) and (1.3,0) . we get the below density curve with two straight lines.

Step 2

Here probability that X falls below 0.5 is nothing but the area under the density curve below 0.5. The region with black vertical lines.

Here we can see that the total region to the left of 0.5 under...


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