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Translate the following pseudocode for finding the minimum value from a set of inputs into a Java program.
Set a Boolean variable “first” to true.
While another value has been read successfully
If first is true
Set the minimum to the value just read
Set first to false
Else if the value is less than the minimum
Set the minimum to the value
Print the minimum


Expert Answer

Java program to find the minimum value

import java.util.Scanner;


public class Program


     Public static void main(String args[])


          Scanner input = new Scanner(;

          boolean first = true;

          double minimum = Double.MAX_VALUE;



              double newDouble = input.nextDouble();



                   minimum = newDouble;



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import java.util.Scanner; public class Program Public static void main(String args[]) Scanner input = new Scanner( boolean first= true; double minimum = Double.MAX_VALUE; while (input.hasnextDouble () ) input.nextDouble ( ) ; double newDouble if (first) minimum = newDouble; false; first } else if (newDouble < minimum) minimum = neWDouble; } System.out.println("The minimum value is", minimum); input.close() } } }


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