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Two runners begin at the same point on a 390-m circular track and run at different speeds. If they run in opposite directions, they pass each other in 30 sec. If they run in the same direction, they meet each other in 130 sec. Find the speed of each runner.


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Let x represents the speed of the one runner and y rep...


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The speed of a body is given by d =rt. = rate x time. Thus, distance with current time 390 = (x + y)30 (1) 390 = (x – y)130 (2) .... On simplifying the equation (1) we get, (3) x+ y =13 On simplifying the equation (2) we get, x- y = 3 (4) ...... On adding the equation (3) and (4). 2x =16 x = 8


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