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Using DeMorgan's Law, write an expression for the complement of F if
F(x,y,z) = xz' (xy + xz)+ xy'(wz + y)


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Step 1

DeMorgan’s law:

The theorems of DeMorgan are basically two sets of rules or laws developed for AND, OR and NOT using two input variables from the Boolean expressions.

DeMorgan’s law basically works on “break the rule and change the sign” phenomena.

First law:

The product compliment of two variables is equal to the sum of each variable's compliment.

According to the laws of De-Morgan, ...

(A.B)' A'+B
(A B)' A'B
****** a ****

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(A.B)' A'+B ....(FIRST LAW) (A B)' A'B .(SECOND LAW) ****** a ****


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