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A 100L tank initially contains water at 100kPa and a quality of 1%. Heat is transferred to the water, raising the temperature and pressure. At a pressure of 3 MPa, a safety valve opens and saturated vapor at 3 MPa flows out. The process continues, maintaining 3 MPa inside until the quality in the tank is 90% and then stops. Determine the total mass of water that flowed out and the total heat transfer.


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Vapor Liquid


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Step 1

Givwn information:

Volume of the tank is=100L

At pressure=100kpa

Raising pressure is=3Mpa

Find the mass flow of water and total heat transfer

Step 2

consider the state 1:

quality X1=0.01,P=100kpa

considering the table B.1.2 from thermodynamics


Step 3

consider the state 3:

with P=...


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