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What are the different body cavities found in the human body?


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Any potential space, compartment, or space in the body of the animals is termed as the body cavity. The functions of such cavities are to accommodate the body organs and other structures. Moreover, certain cavities in the body also contain fluids. Two major cavities in the human body are dorsal body cavity and ventral body cavity.

Step 2

The human body cavities are mainly divided into two main categories, dorsal body cavity, and ventral body cavity. Dorsal body cavity contains brain and spinal cord, and ventral body cavity contains other major organs of the human body.

  1. a) Dorsal body cavity- It is further divided into two categories:
  2. i) Cranial cavity – It comprises of the brain with meninges as membranous lining.
  3. ii) Vertebral canal – It comprises of the spinal cord with meninges as the membranous lining.
  4. b) V...

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