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What bones are matched with these characteristics?_____:forms a very small portion of inferior orbit. _____; contains large sinus inferior to orbit.


What bones are matched with these characteristics?

_____:forms a very small portion of inferior orbit. _____; contains large sinus inferior to orbit.

Step 1

Orbit of skull is the socket of bones where eyeball resides. It has three important sites, namely, supraorbital margin (it is the margin on the upper side of anterior orbit), supraorbital foramen (near the middle point of supraorbital margin) and infraorbital foramen (it is the passage for sensory nerves).

Step 2

The bone that contains large sinus inferior to orbit is the sphenoid bone (sphenoid sinus is part of it). Sphenoid bone is the complex bone of central skull and is keystone that joins almost all th...

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