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what is anatomy


what is anatomy

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Anatomy is a branch of biology that is concerned with the study of the structure of organisms and their parts. It is a branch...

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Q: The kidneys are the target organ for many hormimes, list the hormones  that specifically target the ...

A: Several hormones play important roles in regulating kidney function. They can either stimulate or in...


Q: What type of connective tissue resides in the valves and ventricles of the heart, and the superior i...

A: The heart is one of the most vital organs in the body as it is responsible for transporting oxygen a...


Q: What are fixed alleles, how do they affect population? Example provided please

A: An alternative form of a gene is termed as an allele. Generally, a gene possesses two alleles, namel...


Q: How does bottleneck effect relate to the founder effect? is the founder effect a consequence of the ...

A: Genetic drift, also known as Sewall Wright effect or allelic drift, is the change over time of the r...


Q: Compare and contrast hydrolysis and dehydration synthesis reactions.

A: Both dehydration synthesis and hydrolysis reactions play important role in the synthesis of biologic...


Q: What tissue type resides in the Auricles, Papillary muscles, Fossa Ovalis, Pectinate muscles, Chorda...

A: The heart is one of the most vital organs in the body as it is responsible for transporting oxygen a...


Q: Can female ovaries and the male testes organs be members of more than one organ system? Why or why n...

A: Ovaries are female reproductive organs. They are located in the pelvic cavity and involved in the pr...


Q: What are the limitations to the biological species concept?

A: The question asks about the limitations of the biological species concept.The biological species con...


Q: apt is an important living organism beacause

A: Hi! There is no living organism in the environment named as apt. As the living organism closest to t...

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