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What is C4 photosynthesis and why is it better in dry conditions than C3 photosynthesis?

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The process by which green plants make food by capturing sunlight is termed as photosynthesis. This process absorbs a large amount of heat and is therefore endothermic in nature. By photosynthesis, carbon dioxide is converted into sugar with the help of sunlight, and then the produces sugar is used by other plant organs as a source of energy. Further, some plants perform C4 type of photosynthesis, while some plants perform C3 type of photosynthesis.

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Most of the plants perform C3 photosynthesis, and such plants are found in the cold and wet environment. Examples of C3 plants are wheat, oats, cotton, and rice. C4 photosynthesis is performed by those plants that are found in the dry condition. Examples of C4 plants are maize and sugarcane.

C4 plants have...

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