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What is life?



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Biology homework question answer, step 1, image 1
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Biology homework question answer, step 2, image 1

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Evolution and Adaptation

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Q: Epinephrine - For the hormone Epinephrine (in humans) what is; 1. the origin (gland that secretes th...

A: Epinephrine origin – It is released by the adrenal medulla during stress.  The amino acid thyrosine ...


Q: Can you please answer number 28 and 29

A: Any alteration in the genome’s nucleotide sequence is called a mutation. Any agent that results in a...


Q: If the frequency of the aa genotype is 11%, what is the frequency of the AA genotype? Assume that th...

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Q: Can you please answer 18, and 19

A: Since we are entitled to answer only one question at a time, I would be answering the first question...


Q: A homozygous strain of corn that produces yellow kernels is crossed with another homozygous strain t...

A: Considering that kernel color is controlled by a single gene pair and yellow is dominant over purple...


Q: The baby pushes against the cervix, causing it to stretch. normal Uterus 19. The image to the right ...

A: Oxytocin:It is a hormone and a neurotransmitter which is formed in the brain by the activation of hy...


Q: The following shows the results of DNA profiling from a rape case. The evidence sample (S) consists ...

A: DNA profiling is the process in which a DNA pattern obtained from a person or sample, and this DNA p...


Q: Where do the great vessels connect to the heart?

A:  There are five great vessels that enter and exit from the heart, namely, the superior vena cava, in...