What is the tissue type for the following structures of the heartFibrous pericardiumSerous pericardiumMyocardiumEndocardiumRight atriumright VentricleLeft Atrium Left VentricleAuricles  Papillary musclesFossa OvalisPectinate MusclesChordae Tendinae Interventricular septumTricuspid, pulmonary, Bicuspid, mitral, and Aortic semilunar valvespulmonary trunkPulmonary arteryAortaArteriesSinus/veins

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What is the tissue type for the following structures of the heart

Fibrous pericardium

Serous pericardium



Right atrium

right Ventricle

Left Atrium 

Left Ventricle

Auricles  Papillary muscles

Fossa Ovalis

Pectinate Muscles

Chordae Tendinae 

Interventricular septum

Tricuspid, pulmonary, Bicuspid, mitral, and Aortic semilunar valves

pulmonary trunk

Pulmonary artery







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The tissue is the group of cells, that have the same function and structure. Different organs contain different types of tissue. In humans, there are basically four types of tissues, nervous tissues, muscular tissue, epithelial tissue, and connective tissues. Further, muscle tissue is again of three types, skeletal tissue, cardiac tissues, and smooth muscles. Epithelial tissue covers the body surface, connective tissue supports and protects the organs, nerve tissues, are composed of nerve cells, and muscle cells are found attached to the skeleton, walls of internal organs, and walls of the heart.

Step 2

Fibrous pericardium- It is the superficial layer found in the heart. It is composed of connective tissues and protects and supports the heart.

Serous pericardium – It helps in lubricating the heart to avoid any kind of friction. It is formed of connective tissue, and functions to protect the heart.

Myocardium – It is the cardiac muscle, which is composed of cardiac tissues. It is an involuntary and striated muscle.

Endocardium – It covers all the atriums, ventricles, and valves present in the heart. It is made up of connective tissues and Purkinje fibers.

Right atrium- It is composed of endocardium, epicardium, and myocardium. The myocardium is composed of cardiac tissues, and endocardium and epicardium are composed of connective tissue. So, the right atrium consists of both the connective tissue and cardiac tissue.

Right ventricles- Ventricles are thicker than the atrium, as th...

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