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What is the visual representation of the average rate of change f(x) = x 2 from x = 1 to x = 3  _____________ ?


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Step 1

Given function: f(x) = x2
To find the average rate of change of function from point x=1 to x=3

Step 2

The curve of f(x) = x2 is given below, where the vertical axis represents f(x) and horizontal axis represent x.


Image Transcriptionclose

10 се LO

Step 3

Mathematically, average rate of change of function is given by small change of f(x) divided by change in x where x changes from x1 to x2.

In the graph of f(...


Image Transcriptionclose

Average rate of change = 47 (x) Δt f(x,)-f(x) =Slope of line


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