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What will be directivity of a transmitting antenna having an effective aperture of 72 m2 and radiation frequency of 5 GHz.

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Step 1

Directivity of an antenna is a very fundamental antenna parameter. Using this, one can determine how directional the transmitted beam by the antenna will be.

Directivity of an antenna can be expressed with the help of the following equation:

4,7T A
D =
--> (l)
A Effective Aperture of the antenna
= Wavelength of radiation

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4,7T A D = --> (l) A Effective Aperture of the antenna = Wavelength of radiation

Step 2

Wavelength can be calculated from frequency using the following equation:

m - (2)
2 =
f = frequency of radiation

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3x10 m - (2) 2 = f f = frequency of radiation

Step 3

In this case, the frequency of radiation of f = 5 GHz. Therefore, the ...

-0.06 m

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3x108 (3) -0.06 m 5x10


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