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Which of the following groupings of the abdominoplevic regions in medial ? 

a. Hypochondriac, hypogastric, umbilical 

b. Hypochondriac, lumbar, inguinal 

c. Hypogastric,umbilical, epigastric 

d, lumbar, umbilical, iliac

e. Iliac, umbilical, hypochondriac


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Step 1

The abdominopelvic region is the cavity present beneath the diaphragm and houses parts of the digestive, renal, endocrine and reproductive systems. It is lined by peritoneum which is a type of mesothelium. The abdominopelvic region is divided into nine areas and four quadrants.

Step 2

Location of given regions are:

Hypochondriac region: Hypochondriac regions are present in the left and right upper quadrant. It houses spleen, left kidney, parts of the stomach, pancreas, and colon in the left quadrant and has part of the small intestine, right kidney, gall bladder and the liver in the right upper quadrant.

Hypogastric: It is located medially below the stomach and houses organs present around the pubis.

Umbilical: It is also located medially between hypogastric and epigastric. The umbilical region houses parts of the small intestine, duodenum, ileum, and jejunum.

Inguinal: It is also known as the groin and is located anteriorly in the lower region of the abdominal wall. It houses parts of the liver, intestine, and stomach.

Epigastric: It is located mediall...

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