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Why are Cnidarians diploblast and other animals tripoblast based on evolution?


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In the early developmental stages, the embryo of the vertebrates organizes itself into a three-layered structure. In these layers, each layer gives rise to a different set of tissues. Such organisms are termed as triploblastic in nature. These layers are also termed as germ layers and divided into endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm.

The organisms which are diploblastic in nature, they have two germ layers. The examples of such organisms are hydra and jellyfish. In the adult stage, they contain an outer layer of cells (skin), and an inner layer (gut).

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Corals, jellyfish, hydra, and sea anemones belong to the phylum Cnidarians. Cnidarians are diploblastic in nature, that is, they have two germ layers. In other animals, there are three germ layers; hence they are termed as triploblastic in nature. Cnidarians are used as a model to study the evolution in animals, and the involvement of the third germ layer in them.

Cnidarians have a complex life cycle. First of all, the eggs develop into two-layered planula larva and then develop into a sessile polyp stage, and ...

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