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Why do senior executives feel more comfortable relying on quantitative data than qualitative data? How might a qualitative research company lessen the senior-level executive’s skepticism?


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Quantitative data: 

  • Quantitative data is the data received as a measure of a performance usually expressed in numbers.
  • It is the data received from a systematical empirical investigation of a phenomena.

Qualitative data:

  • Qualitative data is the information about the scenario or the environment. These are information which cannot be actually measured.
  • These are data gathered by the scientific observation of a phenomena without a numerical record of information.
  • It can be subjected to human bias or misconception.
Step 2

Reason why senior executives feel more comfortable relying on quantitative data than qualitative data:

  • The senior executives present in a company are comfortable relying more on the quantitative data because, the chance of human errors are smaller in the quantitative data compared to qualitative data.
  • Qualitative data can be subjected to bias as it is the nature of human beings. Quantita...

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