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 Why is it important that the protocols used on the Internet are available for free in their most basic form? What impact would it have if a company was to start charging for the use of one of these protocols?      


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Network protocol: > It is a communication protocol for exchanging data between the computers or processes or nodes. > It consists of some set of rules for and formats for exchanging data. There are two types of network protocols available: Standard network protocol: this protocol is freely available and can be used by any of the device for transferring or exchanging their data or messages. > Proprietor network protocol: some companies or private organizations will develop their own protocol for communication exchange, and they have some reserved rights to use the developed protocol. If anybody else wants to use the given protocol then, the user company will need to take permission of the proprietor.

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Standards protocols are available for free and anyone can use them for exchanging data. these protocols are available freely because nodes could be any electronic devices such as a mac, dell, or Lenovo etc. they are free of cost because logical and physical state of the nodes vary over the network and to establish a congestion free network protocols are used.


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