Asked Dec 6, 2019

why is it reasonable to suspect that travel between stars is nearly impossible?


Expert Answer

Somethings are impossible because they violate fundamental laws of nature. Today, we belive that travelling between stars is nearly impossible. There two main reasons behind that. 

(1) The distance between the stars is quite long as compared to the speed of our spacecarfts. i.e. The spacecrafts, that we have currently are not capable of going more than a speed of few kilometers per second. And the distance between stars is in light years, so it would take throusands of years to travel to stars even if we try to. The human life span is below 100 years, that's why it is not possible to travel between stars.

Example: The distance of nearest star besides the sun is Proxima Centauri. Which is 4 lights years away only. NASA's voyager 1 spacecraft has been steadily flying out of the solar system since last 34 years and st...

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