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write a java program which Create a Product object: “Laptop”, $799.99
• Create a Product object: “Printer”, $219.99
• Print the information about the products
• Change the price of the laptop to $999
• Change the price of the printer to $329.99
• Print the information about the products


Expert Answer

Step 1

Below are the java program and its approach: -

Approach: -

  • Creating a class product and declaring the variables as per the requirement.
  • Creating a parameterized constructor for the product class.
  • Getter and setter functions are used to set the name and cost of the item.
  • Overriding the toString() method to return the specified values of the objects.
  • Declaring the main class and inside the main, the main() method is defined.
  • Creating the objects of Product class and passing the values as arguments.
  • The parameterized constructor will call automatically after creating the objects.
  • Displaying the initial values of the objects.
  • Resetting the cost of each item by calling the setCost() method and passing the new cost as a parameter.
  • Displaying the new values of the objects.     
Step 2

Java program: -

//product class is defined

class Product


    //declaring the variables

    String item;        //to store the name of the product

    double cost;        //to store the cost of the product

    //parameterized constructor

    Product(String item, double cost)


        //this keyword points the current object

        /*this keyword removes the confusion among class attributes

        and parameter with the same name */

        this.item = item;      

        this.cost = cost;      


    //getter function to get the name of item

    public String getItem()


        //returns item

        return item;


    //setter function to set the name of item

    public void setItem(String item)


        this.item = item;


    //getter function to get the cost of item

    public double getCost()


        //returns the cost

        return cost;


    //setter function to set the cost of item

    public void setCost(double cost)


        this.cost = cost;




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