Asked Oct 4, 2019

Write a program in Java Eclipse that does the following:
a) create a 2D Ragged array with columns and rows lengths of your choice. Fill
it out with values (you can do it in one step or get an input from the user)
b) print the elements of this array using 3 printing methods that we studied:
- for loop
- for-each loop
- using Arrays class
Create a separate method for each such method.
How do you call these methods? What do your methods return?


Expert Answer

Step 1
  • Create a Main class and all required methods to print Ragged array elements. And create all methods as static so that the main method can call it easily without class object.
  • Create the 1st method as Using_for_loop(), which returns void to the main method and prints all elements of an array using for loop.
  • Create the 2nd metho...

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