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write a program to enter two sides a and b of a right triangle from keyboard calculate its area and perimeter


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Step 1

Given below is the C++ program to enter the two sides of a right triangle and then calculate its area and perimeter.

Step 2

#include <iostream>

#include <cmath>

using namespace std;

double Perimeter(double a, double b); //function declaration

double Area(double a, double b); //function declaration

int main()


   double a,b;

   cout<<"Enter a b:";

   cin>>a>>b; // Enter values of a and b

   cout<<"Perimeter:"<<Perimeter(a,b)<<endl; //function calling

   cout<<"Area:"<<Area(a,b)<<endl;  //function calling


double Perimeter(double a, double b) //function definition


   double c,per;

   c=sqrt(pow(a,2)+pow(b,2));  //finding value of c

   per=a+b+c;  //calculating perimeter

   return per;


double Area(double a, double b) //function definition


   double area=0.5*a*b; //calculating area

    return area;


Step 3

In the above program, both area and perimeter are calculated by entering values of a and b. To enter the values of a and b, cin function is used. To calculate perimeter of right triangle,...

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