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Write down for yourself the expression for the radial distribution function of a 2p electron in a hydrogenic atom and determine the radius in Angstroms at which the electron is most likely to be found. Assume the species has an atomic number of 2. (Ans. in Angstroms)


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Step 1

The expression for the radial distribution function of a 2p electron in a hydrogenic atom is given by,


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3/2 Zr Z 1 -Zr/ 2a, 32a,

Step 2

Here ao is the Bohr’s radius , Z  is the atomic number of the Hydrogenic species and r is the distance of the electron from the nucleus of the Hydrogenic  atom.

It is mentioned that the Atomic number of the species of the Hydrogenic atom is 2.

Therefore, substitute 2 for Z in the above equation and rewrite it as,



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3/2 1 1 2r e 3

Step 3


To determine the radius at which  the electron is most likely to be foun...


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