Database Systems: Design, Implemen...

11th Edition
Steven + 8 others
ISBN: 9781285196145



Database Systems: Design, Implemen...

11th Edition
Steven + 8 others
ISBN: 9781285196145
Textbook Problem

Explain why the cost of ownership may be lower with a cloud database than with a traditional, company database.

Program Plan Intro


Database is an organized data collection, and every data present is related to each other in some way. It contains the occurrences of data to satisfy the needs of the user in an organization.

Cloud database:

Cloud database is the database managed through the cloud computing platform. It includes scalability and high performance of the database. The database can be accessed by the clients through cloud.

Traditional database:

Traditional database is a file system that includes the information of fields, records, files and many such in well-defined format. The traditional databases like relational database and data warehouses are used in organizations to store and analyze the huge data.

Program Explanation

Cost of ownership in cloud database and traditional company database:

The cloud databases are dependent on the internet than the company’s own network...

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