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Chapter 2, Problem 1LO

Fundamentals of Information Systems

8th Edition
Ralph Stair + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305082168

Textbook Problem

Identify and discuss the role of the essential hardware components of a computer system.

Program Plan Intro

To discuss the role of important hardware components needed by a computer system.

Program Explanation

Essential hardware components of a computer system include input, processing, storage, and output devices. The role of these essential hardware components is discussed as follows:

  • Input devices: - These devices are used to provide required data for processing the computer system by the user. Some examples of input devices are the keyboard, mouse, other pointing devices, and scanning devices.
  • Processing devices: - These are the computer chips which are used for processing the instructions. CPU- Central Processing Unit which includes motherboard, and storage registers, bus, main memory together form the processing unit of the computer.
  • The motherboard is the major component of the computer which includes a hard drive, ports, processor, memory and peripheral ports like USB, PCI slots, graphic cards, BIOS, Serial and parallel ports.

Registers are provided with the processors and provide highspeed storage used temporarily to hold a small set of instruction or program after or before the execution process by the CPU.

Graphic Cards are electronic chipset which is used to generate high definition output images and video. Graphic cards are either electronically integrated with the motherboard or can be added as an external component using the PCI slot.

Bus is a set of physical connections (itincludes cables and printed circuits) which is used to create communication between various hardware components of the computer.

  • Storage devices: They are used to store data related to a program. Storage devices include primary storage devices such as RAM and secondary storage devices such as hard disk, compact disk, pen-drive blue ray disk, red ray disk.
  • Output Devices: Output devices are used to send data from computer to user. It includes monitors, projectors, speakers, headphones, and printers

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