Accounting (Text Only)

26th Edition
Carl Warren + 2 others
ISBN: 9781285743615



Accounting (Text Only)

26th Edition
Carl Warren + 2 others
ISBN: 9781285743615
Textbook Problem

If the effect of the credit portion of an adjusting entry is to increase the balance of a liability account, which of the following statements describes the effect of the debit portion of the entry?

  1. a. Increases the balance of a revenue account.
  2. b. Increases the balance of an expense account.
  3. c. Increases the balance of an asset account.

To determine

Adjusting entries:

Adjusting entries refers to the entries that are made at the end of an accounting period in accordance with revenue recognition principle, and expenses recognition principle.  All adjusting entries affect at least one income statement account (revenue or expense), and one balance sheet account (asset or liability).

Rule of Debit and Credit:

Debit - Increase in all assets, expenses & dividends, and decrease in all liabilities and stockholders’ equity.

Credit - Increase in all liabilities and stockholders’ equity, and decrease in all assets & expenses.

To identify: The effect of the debit and credit portion of adjusting entry.


Date Description







XXX Expenses   XXXX  
                 Accounts Payable     XXXX
  (To record the expenses incurred at the end of the accounting year)      

Table (1)

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