10th Edition
Publisher: CENGAGE L
ISBN: 9781305967359




10th Edition
Publisher: CENGAGE L
ISBN: 9781305967359
Chapter 32, Problem 3CT
Textbook Problem

Continued strenuous activity can cause lactate to accumulate in muscles. After the activity stops, the lactate is converted into pyruvate and used as an energy source. Explain how pyruvate can be used to produce ATP.

Summary Introduction

To determine:

The ways in which pyruvate can be used to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate).


A mature skeletal muscle consists of thousands of muscle fibers which are known as myofibrils. These are thread-like proteins, which are arranged in the identical contractile units, called sarcomere. The thick filament of the sarcomere has a motor protein that is called myosin, and the thin filament has actin as a motor protein.

Explanation of Solution

Muscle movement is an active process, which means that the contraction of muscle requires energy. Energy is supplied to the muscles in the form of ATP. ATP can be delivered to the muscles in three ways: aerobic respiration, lactate fermentation, and phosphocreatine.

Pyruvate is produced in the aerobic respiration, and the aerobic respiration is initiated by the process of glycolysis. When one molecule of glucose breaks down, it gives rise to two molecules of pyruvate and two molecules of ATP. This pyruvate leads to the production of lactic acid...

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