Fundamentals of Information Systems

8th Edition
Ralph Stair + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305082168



Fundamentals of Information Systems

8th Edition
Ralph Stair + 1 other
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305082168
Chapter 4, Problem 5LO
Textbook Problem

Describe the World Wide Web and how it works.

Program Plan Intro

Mention the working of world Wide Web.

Explanation of Solution

World Wide Web (WWW) was initially started as an application for managing the internal documents at CERN. It was developed by Tim Berners-Lee and is also known as the first web browser in the history. Often the term web and Internet are used interchangeably but they are completely different things. Internet is an infrastructure on which the web works. Internet consists of computers, hardware, routers, cables, etc. that together make up a network, whereas web consists of servers, clients, various protocols such as hypertext transfer protocol (http), TCP/IP suite etc.

The main purpose of the web is to organize and provide ease of access of the information that is spread across the Internet...

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Chapter 4 Solutions

Fundamentals of Information Systems
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Ch. 4 - Explain Web 2.0 and provide examples of Web 2.0...Ch. 4 - List and describe sources of online media and...Ch. 4 - Explain how Web resources are used to support...Ch. 4 - Briefly name and describe two useful Internet...Ch. 4 - Explain how Intranets and extranets use Internet...Ch. 4 - What steps did Safaricom take to prevent hate...Ch. 4 - Were these steps effective? Why or why not?Ch. 4 - Violence broke out a few months prior to the...Ch. 4 - Should Safaricom be allowed to intercept and vet...Ch. 4 - Consider Greg Linden’s example of search engines...Ch. 4 - How could other companies benefit from clicks...Ch. 4 - Some people fear that click stream analysis...Ch. 4 - How does click stream analysis benefit you as a...Ch. 4 - The basic components of a telecommunications...Ch. 4 - Telecommunications media can be divided into two...Ch. 4 - Microwave communications involves the broadcast of...Ch. 4 - indicates how the communications links and...Ch. 4 - Each computer on the Internet has a URL for easy...Ch. 4 - On the Internet, what enables traffic to flow from...Ch. 4 - Cloud Computing is a computing environment where...Ch. 4 - A(n) _____________ is a company that provides...Ch. 4 - The Web is a collection of ______________ of...Ch. 4 - The World Wide Web is a hyperlink-based system...Ch. 4 - Which technology was developed to assist in easily...Ch. 4 - What is the standard page description language for...Ch. 4 - Web sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn are...Ch. 4 - A(n) is a Web page that combines useful...Ch. 4 - A(n) ______________ is a network based on Web...Ch. 4 - An intranet is an internal corporate network built...Ch. 4 - Define the term telecommunications medium. Name...Ch. 4 - What is meant by network topology? Identify and...Ch. 4 - What is a telecommunications protocol?Ch. 4 - What are the names of the three primary frequency...Ch. 4 - 5. Briefly describes the differences between a...Ch. 4 - Identify two organizations that lead in the...Ch. 4 - What roles do the bridge, router, gateway, and...Ch. 4 - Distinguish between a PAN, LAN, MAN, and WAN.Ch. 4 - What is the Web? Is it another network like the...Ch. 4 - What is MILNET?Ch. 4 - What is HTML? How does it work?Ch. 4 - Explain the naming conventions used to identify...Ch. 4 - What is a Web browser? Identify four popular Web...Ch. 4 - What is cloud computing? How is it used?Ch. 4 - Briefly describe three ways to connect to the...Ch. 4 - What is an internet censorship?Ch. 4 - What is click stream data analysis? How is it...Ch. 4 - What is a podcast?Ch. 4 - What is autonomic computing, and how does it...Ch. 4 - What is content streaming?Ch. 4 - What is ICANN and what role does it play?Ch. 4 - What is a URL, and how is it used?Ch. 4 - What is an intranet? Provide three examples of the...Ch. 4 - What is an extranet? How is it different from an...Ch. 4 - Briefly discuss the differences between...Ch. 4 - Distinguish between client/server and file server...Ch. 4 - What is the issue associated with transborder data...Ch. 4 - Distinguish between centralized and distributed...Ch. 4 - Social networks are being widely used today....Ch. 4 - Why is it important to have an organization that...Ch. 4 - What are the benefits and risks involved in using...Ch. 4 - Describe how a company could use a blog and...Ch. 4 - Identify three companies with which you are...Ch. 4 - What are the defining characteristics of a Web 2.0...Ch. 4 - Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a...Ch. 4 - What social concerns surround geolocation...Ch. 4 - One of the key issues associated with the...Ch. 4 - Keep track of the amount of time you spend on...Ch. 4 - Briefly summarize the differences in how the...Ch. 4 - You have been hired as a telecommunications...Ch. 4 - Do research on the Web to identify the three most...Ch. 4 - Think of a business that you might like to...Ch. 4 - Do research on the Web to identify the latest...Ch. 4 - Using the Internet, identify three organizations...Ch. 4 - 3. Try using the search engine Baidu to find...Ch. 4 - Identify three telecommunications organizations...Ch. 4 - Explore LinkedIn, a social media network for...Ch. 4 - Where does Africa stand in relation to Europe and...Ch. 4 - What technological barriers do companies face when...Ch. 4 - Do you think that innovators like SkyVision or...Ch. 4 - What role do you think governments and...Ch. 4 - What purposes do massive multiplayer games serve...Ch. 4 - What advantage do projects developed with EDGE...Ch. 4 - Do massive multiplayer games serve a useful...Ch. 4 - What types of technologies are used by massive...

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