Enhanced Discovering Computers 201...

1st Edition
Misty E. Vermaat + 4 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305657458

Enhanced Discovering Computers 201...

1st Edition
Misty E. Vermaat + 4 others
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781305657458


Chapter 8, Problem 27SG
Textbook Problem

Define the term, optical disc. List types of optical discs.

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Chapter 8 Solutions

Enhanced Discovering Computers 2017 (Shelly Cashman Series) (MindTap Course List)
Ch. 8 - Define the term, read/write head.Ch. 8 - List steps to defragment a hard drive.Ch. 8 - Define the term, SSD. List devices that use SSDs.Ch. 8 - Describe how to transfer files from one internal...Ch. 8 - List advantages and disadvantages of SSDs versus...Ch. 8 - Define the term, external hard drive. Explain why...Ch. 8 - Explain how to encrypt files.Ch. 8 - RAID is an acronym for ___.Ch. 8 - Explain the role of a controller for transferring...Ch. 8 - In addition to USB, list four other types of...Ch. 8 - Describe memory cards and their uses. List types...Ch. 8 - Explain who might use a USB flash drive, and for...Ch. 8 - Explain how to eject removable storage media...Ch. 8 - Define the term, cloud storage. List advantages of...Ch. 8 - List uses of a personal cloud.Ch. 8 - Name uses of cloud storage. Explain criteria for...Ch. 8 - Define the term, optical disc. List types of...Ch. 8 - List characteristics of optical discs.Ch. 8 - List steps for cleaning and fixing scratches on...Ch. 8 - Differentiate among CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW discs.Ch. 8 - The process of writing on an optical disc is...Ch. 8 - Describe the storage techniques that make DVD...Ch. 8 - Define the terms, redundancy and outsourcing, as...Ch. 8 - Explain issues surrounding BYOD policies in the...Ch. 8 - List and describe the levels of RAID used in...Ch. 8 - Differentiate between a network attached storage...Ch. 8 - Explain how enterprise computers use tape for...Ch. 8 - Differentiate between sequential and direct...Ch. 8 - Explain issues surrounding the use of back doors...Ch. 8 - Define the terms, magnetic stripe card and smart...Ch. 8 - List tips for using credit cards safely. ___...Ch. 8 - Differentiate between active and passive RFID...Ch. 8 - Describe NFC technology and its uses.Ch. 8 - List guidelines for conducting NFC transactions...Ch. 8 - Describe types of backup used by business and home...Ch. 8 - Explain the ethical issues surrounding the...Ch. 8 - Describe how technology is used in the automotive...Ch. 8 - Storage devices can be categorized as input or...Ch. 8 - A storage medium is volatile; that is, items...Ch. 8 - Compared with the access time of memory, the...Ch. 8 - On storage media, a higher density means less...Ch. 8 - Because of current standards, head crashes no...Ch. 8 - The access time of a hard disk can be more than...Ch. 8 - While encrypted files offer greater security than...Ch. 8 - While each program may use a different method of...Ch. 8 - With serial transfers, data is sent one bit at a...Ch. 8 - When you are finished using a USB flash drive,...Ch. 8 - Mini discs require a separate mini disc drive;...Ch. 8 - An active RFID tag contains a battery than runs...Ch. 8 - _____ measures the amount of time it takes a...Ch. 8 - A(n) _____ is a storage device that contains one...Ch. 8 - Which of the following is not an advantage of SSDs...Ch. 8 - A group of two or more integrated hard drives is...Ch. 8 - A disc you can read but not write on or erase is a...Ch. 8 - The process of copying audio and/or video data...Ch. 8 - Enterprise storage often uses _____ technology as...Ch. 8 - A selective backup sometimes is called a(n) _____...Ch. 8 - writing (368) a. storage method in which the...Ch. 8 - reading (368) a. storage method in which the...Ch. 8 - capacity (370) a. storage method in which the...Ch. 8 - perpendicular recording (374) a. storage method in...Ch. 8 - longitudinal recording (374) a. storage method in...Ch. 8 - solid-state media (376) a. storage method in which...Ch. 8 - controller (380) a. storage method in which the...Ch. 8 - thumb drive (382) a. storage method in which the...Ch. 8 - network attached storage (390) a. storage method...Ch. 8 - sequential access (392) a. storage method in which...Ch. 8 - In terms of storage devices, what is reading and...Ch. 8 - Is a screen display volatile or nonvolatile? (371)Ch. 8 - What does access time measure? (371)Ch. 8 - How does the access time of storage compare with...Ch. 8 - What does Creative Commons provide? (372)Ch. 8 - How does longitudinal recording differ from...Ch. 8 - What is a head crash? (375)Ch. 8 - What are some disadvantages of SSDs? (378)Ch. 8 - Why might you opt for a hard disk rather than an...Ch. 8 - Why is it not necessary to defrag an SSD? (378)Ch. 8 - What advantages does SAS have over SCSI? (380)Ch. 8 - What is the life span of a memory card? (382)Ch. 8 - How do optical discs store items? (386)Ch. 8 - What is the life span of an optical disc? (387)Ch. 8 - What are the differences among a CD-ROM, a CD-R,...Ch. 8 - What does redundancy mean with respect to...Ch. 8 - What does the term, geofence, mean? (389)Ch. 8 - How does mirroring differ from striping? (389)Ch. 8 - How do businesses most often use tape? (392)Ch. 8 - Which is faster: sequential or direct access? Why?...Ch. 8 - Why would a developer include a backdoor in a...Ch. 8 - What are the two types of smart cards? (393)Ch. 8 - How do contactless smart cards communicate with a...Ch. 8 - What is skimming? (394)Ch. 8 - What is contained in an NFC card? (395)Ch. 8 - What are three types of backup plans? (396)Ch. 8 - Unrecognized Storage Device You have connected an...Ch. 8 - Second Hard Drive Connection While installing a...Ch. 8 - Incompatible Memory Card While attempting to copy...Ch. 8 - Missing Files You stored some files on a USB flash...Ch. 8 - Media Not Supported You purchased a program that...Ch. 8 - Alternative to Tape Storage Your company still...Ch. 8 - Faulty RFID Card You use an RFID card to obtain...Ch. 8 - Files Not Synchronizing You have saved files on...Ch. 8 - Technology in the Automotive Industry Technology...Ch. 8 - What are other reasons why you might need to...Ch. 8 - Does the total storage capacity displayed on your...Ch. 8 - How much storage space is available on your...Ch. 8 - Review the files and folders on your storage...Ch. 8 - How are the files and folders on your storage...Ch. 8 - When you take photos on a digital camera, the...Ch. 8 - What types of files might you want to copy to the...Ch. 8 - What are at least three online services that allow...Ch. 8 - What steps would you take to copy a file from the...Ch. 8 - What files on your storage device might you...Ch. 8 - Does your computer or mobile device contain any...Ch. 8 - How does defragmentation help increase performance...Ch. 8 - Social Media Digital footprints tracking your...Ch. 8 - Search Skills Image Search An image search locates...

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