Database Systems: Design, Implemen...

11th Edition
Steven + 8 others
ISBN: 9781285196145



Database Systems: Design, Implemen...

11th Edition
Steven + 8 others
ISBN: 9781285196145
Textbook Problem

How do systems analysis and systems development fit into a discussion about information systems?

Program Plan Intro

Information system:

  • A system that is designed in transforming the data into information is called as information system.
  • It is also used in managing both information and data.
  • It provides condition for gathering the data, storing the data and retrieving the data.
  • It is comprised of hardware, software, databases, procedures and peoples.
Program Explanation

Reason for the system analysis and system development constitute in the discussion about information system:

  • System analysis and system development establishes their part in the SDLC (System Development Life cycle).
    • SDLC is a sequential process which is used to trace the history of the application that is present within the information system.
    • It is composed of five phases:
      • Planning
      • Analysis
      • Design
      • Implementation
      • Maintenance
  • System Analysis” is the second phase of the SDLC.
    • The main purpose of the analysis phase is to analyze the problem.
    • It is used in establishing the entire need and size of the information system required by making some analysis and that includes:
      • Finding the requirements of the end-user...

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