Systems Analysis and Design (Shell...

11th Edition
Scott Tilley + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305494602



Systems Analysis and Design (Shell...

11th Edition
Scott Tilley + 1 other
ISBN: 9781305494602
Textbook Problem

The Internet has affected many aspects of our society. What are the most important benefits of the Internet, and what problems has it created?

Program Plan Intro

Discuss some of the benefits of the Internet and some problems associated with it.

Program Explanation

There are number of benefits of the Internet, but with each benefit there is an associated problem. Let’s discuss the benefits of the Internet and problems created by it one by one.


The Internet provides a way to communicate with friends, relatives and colleagues through social networking and emailing. Even if we do not have the phone number of a person, we can connect that person through social networking. Instead of sending a letter through postal mail, one can write an email to the other person.

With that benefit, there comes problem with it. With a large network of social media there are too much activities associated that can be distracting. Also, the benefit of sending and receiving emails has created a home for cybercrimes through spam mailing and malwares.

Online Shopping:

Internet has also provided a benefit of online shopping. One can do shopping online with a huge variety of stuff instead of going to malls and market personally which can save a lot of time for people. The problem associated with online shopping is again the cybercrime...

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