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  • A Story Of A Short Story

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    Victoria lay in the hospital bed and tried to keep the memories from flooding back. The demon was gone, along with its summoner who was killed in the attacks. She felt an immense weight lifted off her. She was alive, against all odds. Because of Lorna, of all people. She’s put a stop the demon. As to why she was there in the first place was a mystery. Many people were dead because Victoria had succumbed to the demon. She couldn’t believe she’d let that happen. The guilt was heavy in her chest and

  • Manga Annotated Bibliography

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    Schodt, Frederik L. Dreamland Japan: Writings on Modern Manga. Vol. 1, Berkeley, CA, Stone Bridge Press, 2007. Frederik L. Schodt is a famous novelist, translator, and interpreter. He is an alumni of the University of California, graduated of year 1972. He is the translator of the manga “Astro Boy”, which in 2009 became a movie. Schodt, when writing this book was having a general audience in mind, but he is mainly targeting adults and older generations. The reason for that is because he wants to

  • Graphic In Comic Books And Graphic Novelsbram

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    Page:of 10 Graphic BleedVampires in comic books and graphic novelsBram Stoker’s Dracula #1 (1992). Panel art by Mike Mingola.Since the 18th century, Vampires have ultimatelytranscended narrativeboundaries and genre divides. The Vampiresub-­‐culturehasflourishes in neo gothic aesthetics in science fiction and fantasy,in romantic and young adultliteratureand incelluloid. Vampiregraphic

  • History of Marvel Comics

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    The History of Marvel Comics Marvel Worldwide, Inc., commonly referred to as Marvel Comics (formerly Marvel Publishing, Inc. and Marvel Comics Group) is an American publisher of comic books and related media. Marvel, founded by Martin Goodman, started in 1939 as Timely Publications, and by the early 1950s had generally become known as Atlas Comics. Marvel 's modern incarnation dates from 1961, the year that the company launched The Fantastic Four and other superhero titles created by Stan Lee

  • Gothic Realism And The Vampire Sub Cultures

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    Since the 18th century, Vampires have ultimately transcended narrative boundaries and genre divides and the Vampire sub-cultures flourish in neo-gothic aesthetic from science fiction and fantasy, romantic and young adult literature and in celluloid. Vampire graphic narratives are finding increased popularity and have since developed into an “Iconic popular culture phenomenon drawing an obsession and fascination globally”. (Jacqueline, Ng, 2014) So what inspired this new genre of graphic narrative

  • Stan Lee Research Paper

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    Stanley Martin Lieber, also known as Stan Lee, is a publisher, author, editor, and television producer. However, he is best known for being the president and chairman of Marvel Comic. He might not be someone who created their own company, but he did create many of everybody’s favorite superheroes. Stan Lee made a difference in the world of superheroes. Stan Lee was born on December 28, 1922 in New York City. Growing up, Stan lived with his mother, father, and little brother, Larry. Both of his parents

  • New Wonder Woman's Stand On Feminism

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    In the 1970s, 30 years after the creation of Wonder Woman. The “New Wonder Woman” came out as a totally different character in its comic series. She took off her classic costume and her bracelets to wear as a modern girl. Losing power means losing the Wonder Woman spirit for lots of Wonder Woman fans. Wonder Woman made her first appearance in the 1974 Wonder Woman movie. As the first live- action appearance of Wonder Woman, American actress Cathy Lee Crosby presented a Wonder Woman with short and

  • Gender Performativity In The Wonder Woman Series

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    With the implementation of the Comics Code Authority and its domination of the comic field, Marston’s creation that subverted gender norms had become problematic. The Code called for comics to conform to the social conservative ideals currently held in society and the original Wonder Woman flew in the face of that. Though Marston’s widow begged DC Comics to be given the reins of the Wonder Woman series after Marston’s death, the company handed over control of the series to Robert Kanigher, who they

  • Anne Rice: A Brief Biography

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    progenies: Michelle Rice, which months before Rice’s daughter became ailing, Rice had a divinatory dream that declared that there was “something wrong with her blood.” Michelle breathed her last breath from acute granulocytic leukemia on August 5, 1972. Her son Christopher Rice, who was born in 1978, is an author and is on a radio show. The radio show is called “The Dinner Party with Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn.” He is following the footsteps of his mother. He is now 36 years old.

  • Symbolism In Wonder Woman

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    Armed with her bulletproof bracelets and magic lasso, Wonder Woman is a popular icon of female strength in a universe of male superheroes. Going through her history however, shows that she depicts a complicated heroine who is more than just a female comic book character. Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston, who was a psychologist and a lawyer, and believed that women's capacity for love, nurture, and self-sacrifice would make them better leaders than men. He created Wonder Woman in