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  • Abortion Vs Abortion In Beowulf

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    The Killer Within Within each individual, there is a sliver of a killer living deep inside. The most evident of these is expressed through the action of abortion. In comparison to abortion, Grendel’s attacks in Beowulf blindsides the faultless people of Herot demolishing the town where they reside. Grendel unremorsefully targets the helpless citizens of Herot while abortion also quarries on innocent victims leaving emotional, physical, and psychological devastations in its’ wake. In comparison

  • Film Analysis Of Mr Burns

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    Mr. Burns, a Post Electric Play addresses the importance of storytelling and common memory as unifying tools. From fireside tales to grand operas, stories symbolize the preservation and progression of society. Sharing a cultural history establishes bonds that, in a post-apocalyptic situation, could be the difference between life and death. In translating the narrative of this production into a film, it is imperative to retain these major themes. Manipulating mise-en-scene through setting, lighting

  • How To Live Safe In A Science Fictional Universe Analysis

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    In chapter 1-4 How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe is a novel told by a young man who carries same name as that of author’s. The book begins with three quotes by different authors including David Hume and Aurther Miller. The protagonist travels through time for his job as a time machine repairman. The narrator is also in search of his father, who disappeared, and the concept of time travel in the novel functions as a vehicle for the character to explore his own life. He keeps thinking

  • Book Review : ' An American Media Franchise And Shared Fictional Universe '

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    MCU What is the MCU? A brief over guide MCU is an American media franchise and shared fictional universe that is centered on a series of superhero films, independently produced by Marvel Studios and based on characters that appear in Marvel Comics. The franchise has expanded to include comic books, short films, and television series. The shared universe, much like the original Marvel Universe in comic books, was established by crossing over common plot elements, settings, cast, and characters. Clark

  • Documentaries: More Realistic than Other Types of Films Essay

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    Another example of fictional film elements comes from when the cameraman perfectly records the Taliban attacking the Danish soldiers. He puts himself in danger: right in the middle of the fight. If the audience did not know any better, this fight could have been perfectly staged

  • A Story Of Goldilocks And The Three Bears

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    Zoya Ali Ms. Chinnick ENG3U1 1 November 2016 A Crumby Story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears Oh boy, you’ll never guess what kind of story that goddam sonuvabitch Stradlater told me. It has to be the phoniest story I’ve ever heard, and I’m actually not lying this time. Anyways, you’re not going to believe me so I don’t even know why I’m telling ya, but here it is, the same goddam thing that Stradlater told me. I suppose I should start at the beginning of the story, it only makes sense. Anyways

  • Essay on How Women Are Portrayed in the Great Gatsby

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    The Great Gatsby, and it gives us an insight into the gender roles of past WW1 America. Throughout the novel, women are portrayed in a very negative light. The author’s presentation of women is unflattering and unsympathetic. The women are not described with depth. When given their description, Fitzgerald appeals to their voice, “ she had a voice full of money”, their looks “her face was lovely with bright things in it, bright eyes, and a bright passionate mouth”, and the way in which they behave

  • Theme Of Wealth In The Great Gatsby

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    Wealth in the Great Gatsby ​Nick Caraway moves from Minnesota to the West Egg neighborhood on Long Island to pursue a career in the bond industry. He lives in a tiny house wedged between large, expansive mansions. His neighbor, Jay Gatsby, is a well todo man with a mysterious past. Everyone in town knows Mr. Gatsby for his huge wild parties, but no one is quite sure where he has acquired his wealth. Across from Gatsby’s mansion, Nick’s cousin Daisy lives with her husband Tom Buchanan. Daisy and Tom

  • Comparing The Book Frankenstein By Mary Shelly

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    For my dissertation I will be comparing the books Frankenstein by Mary Shelly, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and finally 1984 by George Orwell. All three books I believe share a common theme which will be the subject of my dissertation. They all hold many themes but the main ones I will be looking at are the perils of playing god, abuse of power, and lastly manipulation and control. One of the main themes of Frankenstein written by Mary Shelly in 1816 is the fall of man which can be

  • What Makes A Monster? Essay

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    What defines a monster? Is it their grotesque, unnatural appearance that separates them from the rest of mankind, or is it their lack of remorse and compassion that makes them different? The word monster conjures up figures from gothic horror of exotic peoples with horrifyingly exaggerated features, and the kinds of impossible delusive beasts inhabiting the pages of medieval bestiaries. Well at first I thought exactly that. When I used to hear the word “monster”, my mind immediately pictured the