9x19mm Parabellum

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    On February 28, 1997, Larry Phillips, Jr. and Emil Mătăsăreanu armed with AK-47s entered Bank of America in North Hollywood in an attempt to rob it. Phillips had been in trouble with the police since his youth and had already spent 3 months in jail for illegal firearm possession. Mătăsăreanu acted as his loyal co conspirator. Not only were they wanted for armed robbery but also for murder, after killing a security guard in a heist in 1995. Armed with five machine gun, three handguns, as well as illegal

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    Quick review of case: On October 19, 2006 Alia Ansari was walking her four year old daughter to pick up her other three children at Glenmoore Elementary school in Fremont (San Francisco Bay area). At 2:30pm three witnesses heard gunshots followed by a child screaming. Ansari was found dead with a gunshot wound to her face, her daughter was crying by her side. Three witnesses saw a man run to an older black Toyota and speed off from scene. Ten minutes after the shooting the police stopped a car matching

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    Jerry wakes up in a dissociative state still hungover from the previous night’s drug binge, nullifying the pain with a fluffy, symmetrical line of Peruvian cocaine and a tightly packed bowl of luminescent green, trichome plastered cannabis nug sourced from California out of his Illadelph bong; naturally, Jerry was quite the aficionado in recreational drug use and progressive dependency. As dopamine floods his prefrontal cortex he’s invigorated with a renewed sense of grandiosity; he looks in the

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