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  • Air And Air Pollution

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    Air and air pollution is a mixture of solid particles and gases in the air. Air and air pollution can cause from car emission, chemical, dust, air planes, and pollen. What cause the air to be bad pollution is factories machines and energy that everyone is using. Air can be fresh and bad air depend on the work that we do. The solution that cause and effect the air to be bad is that the gases of the car, planes, chemical gases, and factories makes the air to be bad because the person that is doing

  • Air Pollution

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    Air Pollution Air pollutions is a major problem across the united states and around the world. It is also probably the most serious environmental problems today. The term air pollution is just kind of tossed around and not taken as serious anymore although its effects are becoming greater. Air Pollution is toxic chemicals in the air, that can also be compounds and they are extreme enough to cause health risks. (Frank) This is damaging the ozone layer and creating global warming. One of the main

  • Air Pollution

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    Air Pollution today has lead CDC's fight against environmental -related respiratory illness, including asthma.An estimated number of 6.5 million deaths are attributed each year to poor air quality, making this the world's largest threat to human health.According to the World Energy Outlook and the IEA estimate that death due to household air pollution in Africa may decrease by 110,00 to 2040.However, due to economic growth, urbanization and automobile emissions, outdoor air pollution may rise from

  • Air Pollution

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    Growing Diseases Related to Air Pollution-Vivian Qiu On October 27, 1948, in Donora, Pennsylvania, an area where a daily fog of zinc and steel plants is normal, an abnormally sooty haze came into the town. This resulted in a third of the population falling ill and 20 people dead, a following 50 in later months. The US government after this tragedy, tighten the restrictions on industries that release pollution in the air. The emissions of six common air pollutants have dropped 70 percent since the

  • Pollution In Air Pollution

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    Demolition and Construction sites are bad when it comes to the control of particulates causing an increase in air pollution. The particulates can be emitted by the process of knocking down or disturbing the building letting the particulate free and get into the air reducing the quality. If the workers do not manage what they are doing correctly, it can have harmful impacts on not only their health but the communities and the environment. At times enforcing the laws and good practice can be expensive

  • Air Pollution

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    Introduction Pollution threatens public health; In an upcoming report by the Global Commission on Pollution and Health, pollution is the leading cause of human disability and death. In Illinois, Chicago is one of the Metropolitan area affected by air pollution. Moreover, smog and other toxic air pollutants generated from burning fossil fuels have caused a rise in respiratory and cardiovascular problems. This essay will examine the main air pollutants and their causes in Illinois and how they compare

  • Air Pollution

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    respiratory issues like asthma and allergic rhinoconjunctivitis, which is a type of inflammatory infection in the nose that happens when the body’s immune system reacts to allergens in the air. Exposure to car fumes and fine particulate matter can cause some of these respiratory infections. When air pollution gets trapped in the lungs and bloodstream it causes sicknesses like bronchitis to worsen, heart attacks to happen more often, and can speed up death. Up to forty percent of the population around

  • Air Pollution

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    Air Pollution emissions have been a leading threat to the world, as the world has become more and more industrialized over the past century. However, many fail to realize the threat that air pollution emissions pose to human health. As humans continue to buy gasoline for the excessive amount of cars that are driven on a daily basis, create waste from factories, using coal and biomass fuels to power their daily lives, they will continue to put their own health at risk. China, a developing country

  • Air Pollution

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    in the air in portions that exceed the identified health standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency. This includes children at public schools, and one in every eleven public schools is within 500 feet of major highways or other heavy sources of pollution. (1) While much attention has been paid to the dangers of air pollution when it comes to cancer and other illnesses impacting the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, less attention has been given to the effects air pollution can have

  • Air Pollution

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    There are various types of air pollution contributors in California such as fire generated pollutants and vehicle traffic, which add particulate matter and carbon monoxide into the air we breathe. According to an article by Union of Concerned Scientists (Cars, trucks, and air pollution, 2014) particulate matter is made up of fine particles soot and metal that can pose serious threats to human health when deep in the lungs. Other pollutants emitted from vehicles are: nitrogen oxide which lowers the