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  • Film And American Culture Essay

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    between film and the American culture is one, which is highly complicated and dynamic. Movie director in Hollywood are constantly influenced by world events to create movies, which entertain, and at times shed light on certain events. Film is also an integral part of our culture because it provides a medium, which can reflect our public’s concerns, attitudes, and beliefs. This report will briefly discuss the interplay between film and the American culture, which is represented in said film. During

  • American Independent Film

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    There are many aspects we can cite from the film The Conversation, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, that run parallel with the themes we find evident in other films that would be considered American Independent films. Coppola’s films work to bend the traditional rules of Hollywood filmmaking. To begin, one aspect that American Independent films are usually void of is a very distinct sense of closure. Often times, we find that these films don’t give us the closure we need and often times force the

  • The African-American Image in Films

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    The African-American Image in Films Films serve many functions like education, entertainment, handbooks of social behavior, and a transmitter of cultural and social values. The most effective way in which stereotypes are perpetuated in America is through the mediums of film and television. American films mostly played an influential part in fixing images of ethnic groups in the minds of audience. The negative representation of films or movies sometimes reinforces false assumptions (as poor, dangerous

  • Film and Its Impact on the American Culture

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    Modern film was brought to the Americas when the Kinetoscope, the basic film viewer, was first invented by Thomas Edison in 1889. This, along with his Kinetograph allowed short films to be displayed in Kinetoscope parlors; these would later evolve into the movie theaters of today. Many people loved the concept of movies because they allowed one to see different events from the comfort of a theater. Films however do more than just entertain they can also impact society in a beneficial or harmful way

  • Successes in American Sport Films

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    Successes in American Sport Films Sport Industry and Film industry are both highly developed in America. As a result of that, putting sport elements into movies is a good way to maximum the effect of entertainment. As an international students, though sometimes there is language barrier, it is still a great honor to have opportunities to watch considerable good sport films this semester. While I enjoyed the wonderful exciting stories, the American value system, especially the value of success

  • Film Genre As A Reflection Of Film And American Society

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    Genre is a reflection of society. Film noir is a genre that has a distinctive relationship with the American society from 1941 - 1958 because it reflects America’s fears and concerns from when they experienced major upheaval after The Great Depression and during World War I. In particular, the unstable atmosphere from the aftermath of World War 1 as Bruce Crowther, author of the book ‘Film Noir: Reflections in a Dark Mirror’, elaborates on how Film Noir films produce “a dark quality that derived

  • The American Film Industry : The Asian Community

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    Throughout history, the American film industry undoubtedly collected evidence that it has a huge racial issue. Despite America’s changing demographics, Hollywood’s most powerful leaders still lack behind in responding to the demands for movies that reflect cultural and racial shifts. The demand for more culturally diverse movies has been increasing over time. There are many great actors and actresses who are struggling to survive in the film industry due to the fact that they are categorized as a

  • American Beauty Film Analysis

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    American Beauty, directed by Sam Mendes and written by Alan Ball, explores the Burningham family’s projection of a “perfectly normal” lifestyle or the “ideal” American family portrayal. This film is about how everything is not as it seems behind closed doors. As the storyline progresses the film adheres to multiple genre codes and conventions to deepen the story arc, this is known as Genre Hybridity as it refers to two or more established genre’s through storyline, etc. (REF TO TEXTBOOK) American

  • The North American Musical Film

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    The North American Musical Film The musical film in the United States is largely associated with Broadway theatre. Broadway is an area in New York City where the biggest theatres are located, accommodating at least 500 people. Smaller theatres are said to be located Off-Broadway and even smaller theatres are called Off-Off-Broadway. Some notable musical films such as Chicago (2002), My Fair Lady (1964) and West Side Story (1961) were adapted from musical plays and trace their origins to Broadway

  • American Society : Film Review

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    American Society in Films American society is not accurately reflected in films. In 1878 American society was introduced to the world of film. Films were a remarkable new innovation that showed Americas advances in technology. Not only was film new and exciting but, it also changed how people experienced emotions. Films have become a huge source of entertainment today but, films do not always accurately reflect American society. Furthermore, teens are not as rebellious as portrayed in films. In