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  • Charlie Gordon

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    something else? Be something you dream of? In the story, Charlie Gordon , a mentally challenged man, is faced with this question in his mind and fulfills his dreams of becoming smart, so he could be accepted, to have friends, and feel normal. Charlie taught us to never make fun of someone because they have something wrong. In this science fiction story, ¨Flowers For Algernon¨ by Daniel Keyes, Charlie, a 37 year old man had the IQ of just 68, but Charlie had potential and dreams of being smart. With A.I

  • Charlie Gordon Algernon

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    you ever seen someone being made fun of just because they were kind of different from most people. That is how Charlie Gordon was. His friends made fun of him and laughed at him, but what they didn’t know was that Charlie was slow. So he thought they were laughing with him and then after surgery he realized they weren’t really his friends so I think he was better off before surgery. Charlie was better off before the surgery. The reason is because he was more happier than. It says, “It was like a race

  • Charlie Gordon: Smarter

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    you had an IQ lower than the average person? Well, Charlie Gordon only had an IQ of 68. Charlie was a little bit slower than everyone else and he wanted to be smarter. He was made fun of being slow, but he didn’t realize it. So he went to a school that had doctors who were going to experiment on Charlie to make him smarter; which made Charlie happy. After the experiment, Charlie had an IQ of over 200. Charlie was better after the experiment. Charlie was better off after the surgery because realized

  • Charlie Gordon Case Study

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    them after surgery. Charlie Gordon changed a lot before and after surgery. One might argue Charlie Gordon was better off before the surgery or he was better after his life changing surgery. Charlie Gordon was better off not having his life changing operation. Before surgery Charlie Gordon had an IQ of 68 but after surgery he had an IQ of 300 far past genius status. Charlie’s IQ was not permanent. Later as Charlie’s IQ returns to 68 his look on the world changes. When Charlie Gordon had an IQ of 68 he

  • Charlie Gordon In Flowers Of Algernon

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    Why is it so hard to be smart as everyone else? At first it seems like that Charlie Gordon is getting everything he wished for, but at a closer look he seems to be paying a very high price for it. The novel “Flowers of Algernon” by Daniel Keyes is about the emotion roller coaster ride of a man with a mental illness named Charlie Gordon. We will see as we read further along, that the unexpected side effects of the Operation such as the changing relationship to his family and friend, the joy of learning

  • Charlie Gordon Research Paper

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    million mentally retarded people in the United States. So who is going to stand up for them? Charlie Gordon, a 37-year-old man, was mentally retarded but was then given a chance to change the world of science. He was offered to have a surgery to increase his intelligence and he took it. He now had a chance to make amazing discoveries. The surgery was worth the experience because it opened doors for Charlie. The surgery was worth the experience because it helped him contribute to the world of science

  • Charlie Gordon In 'Flowers For Algernon'

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    smart? Well, Charlie Gordon did. Charlie Gordon is a 37 year old male with an I.Q. that is not very high. In the Science FIction story “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel keyes. Charlie Gordon wasn’t very smart, he has a low I.Q. of 68. Charlie wanted to be smart so he would be liked by people. Charlie had the opportunity to have the A.I. surgery to triple his I.Q. Charlie Gordon should have had the A.I. surgery. Charlie fell in love after the A.I. surgery. Before the A.I. surgery Charlie didn’t know

  • Charlie Gordon Man's I

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    smart has never been so easy! Charlie Gordon, a middle aged man that has an original I.Q. of 68 and is asked to be tested on to see if this experiment works. Mr. Gordon works at a factory and he always has a positive attitude at work. He attends a school for adults that don’t work quickly mentally. Mr. Gordon wants to become smart so he can know what he is doing in situations. A doctor finds Mr. Gordon and knows that he would be perfect for the experiment. Mr. Gordon doesn’t understand what is going

  • Pros And Cons Of Charlie Gordon

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    Learning about the world is challenging enough, but to unlearn it knowing what is being lost is even more burdensome. Charlie Gordon is a man that learned the world and lost it all. Is knowledge admirable while it can be retained or is ignorance bliss when it can’t? Knowledge is excellent, even if it is only for a little while, even if it is retained for a short period because people know what the world is, even when that knowledge is lost, people will retain a certain understanding of the world

  • Charlie Gordon In Flowers For Algernon

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    view of Charlie Gordon a 32 year old man with an extremely low IQ. He is given an opportunity to become smart and takes it in order to fit in. He becomes the first human test subject for a surgery that raises intelligence. He navigates troubles of family, relationships, work and bad news in a journey to find the real Charlie Gordon. Through “progris riports” Charlie documents his life before and after surgery and the charge that happen when he is shown a little kindness. Growing up Charlie was made